Who am I: Still discovering.

Labels: physician turned clinical researcher mom who is now pursuing her passion in creative arts.

After twenty years of a successful well paying career in corporate world, I am now pursuing my love for creative arts. It all started with a one week online camp and some left over supplies from an art class for my children and I have been unstoppable since.

I create intuitively guided art work that is infused with healing energies. There is no “pre- planned method” to my creations and each piece is unique. They could be a quote in calligraphy, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, or anything that inspires me and moves me to the core. I feel deeply connected to mother Earth and this reflects as expressions in my artwork.

I am always supported and encouraged by my loving husband and my two wonderful children, no matter how crazy my endeavors. They call me “limited edition”, hence the company logo [as opposed to weird ;)]. There is more to this logo story. More on that in a blog later….

  • There is a unique story that goes along with each art piece. Some are posted in subsequent pages. If you would like to see more stories, visit my Instagram page –
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Heal Thyself with Art