Most of my work is unframed (unless indicated otherwise), comes with appropriate finishing fixative (varnish or spray). I use high quality artist grade gesso primed Canvas for acrylic.

Water color artwork is on coldpress 300gsm watercolor paper with artist grade water colors (this includes greeting cards as well).

My artwork comes with “Certificate of Authenticity” and “valuation letter” for value over $50 if requested.

There is a unique story that goes along with each piece. Some are posted here. If you would like to see more stories, visit my Instagram page –

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(Note: this website is work in progress at the moment and items will be available for sale here as well shortly).

Heal Thyself:
Handmade Watercolor Greeting cards (Size -5×4 inches) – set of 5; infused with healing energies of Mother Earth. Cold Press 300gsm watercolor paper. Envelopes are included. Custom Calligraphy Quote can be added upon request.

Heal Thyself: Story of creation:

Mother Earth/ Nature has immense healing powers. I was guided to the woods for inspiration. Each card is unique and inspired by the many beautiful shapes, forms, patterns and textures we see on the leaves.

RISE – date of creation 31May2020
Acrylic on Canvas 8×10
Finished with fixative

RISE: Story of this creation:
I asked my family and friends about what they would like to see painted with the Word “rise”. I received many answers but none resonated with me. Finally I received a vision one afternoon. Time 12:12; Vision – Black and White; Word given to me – Rise; Several world events unfolding at this time, especially in the US. The timing of this vision could not have been more apt. We all need to RISE as humanity. As ONE, above all else.

Your Angels are always near – Gel Pens and Calligraphy Pens on 8×10 Canvas
Take Flight – Mixed media abstract with Calligraphy Quote on 8×10 Canvas
Dandelions – Acrylic on canvas 8×10
Head Up, Wings Out – Acrylic on 8×10 Canvas (abstract)
Dandelion – Soft pastels on watercolor paper (cold press)
Sheltered in – Acrylic on 8×10 Canvas
First Attempt – Pencil Sketch on paper (20×20, glass and grey metal frame)
Date of creation Mar1999
Every Logo has a story – what is yours? I conceptualized this logo 10 years ago (what was I thinking!!). It came into actual creation only recently with the launch of my website. Will soon post a story with details on this.