Each experience in life adds a story with a variety of emotions. While it (life) may seem imperfect, each experience happened at the right time for the right reason to make you who you are. Tap into the infinite field of love. Love your true authentic self. The healing process begins with self. This series of paintings is inspired by the infinite “Field of Love” that is available to each one of us to heal ourselves.

  • Field of Love: Flowers. 18×14 acrylic on gesso primed artist grade stretched canvas.
Field of Love: Flowers – Full view (SKU S02-04) – $75
  • Field of Love: Lavender field.
    • 18×14 acrylic
    • This painting is infused with healing energies of lavender (lavender essential oil is integrated into this product).
Field of Love (Lavender)
(SKU S02-03)- $100
  • Field of Love: Einstein Quote with Milky Way Galaxy as backdrop.  Acrylic on Canvas Board 8×10
Field of Love: Milky Way. 8×10 acrylic on Canvas board, unframed (SKU S2-02) – $20