This is a series of paintings inspired by the world events that unfolded in Apr/ May 2020. It represents the symbolic “RISE” each of us must attain to overcome these challenges.

  • Abstract Phoenix: Not being a trained artist means there is no “unlearning “ to do. I pretty much have to develop my own techniques as I’m guided and inspired. This one is a reverse painting on acrylic sheet. Phoenix abstract original with Inspirational phrase. Acrylic on acrylic sheet 11×14 inches. Unframed. Golden border. This particular painting has the vibration and colors of all seven energy centers and infused with healing energies (although the color green is not visible in the painting, it is embedded in the background colors). it is done as a reverse painting in several layers. The top surface is smooth with the actual painting done in a reverse order at the back. The background/ the negative space is painted white. The quote “Rise” is hand lettered on the front of acrylic sheet in oil based medium. The colors in this painting are rich and vibrant with touches of metallic paint. These effects are not captured adequately in the photograph.
Abstract Phoenix (acrylic sheet) (SKU S01-03) – $50
  • Abstract Phoenix: While it may seem like the artists just pick up a pen or a canvas and just paint, it takes practice and a labor of love from start to finish. Sharing the story on this one. I knew I wanted to paint an abstract. So I started with a sketch and played around with color combinations to arrive at the final colors, outline, wing span etc I wanted in this one. The strategic placement of shades on the flame, flying cinders, specs of flames in the wings, burnt holes in the wings was next. Then I tried all the colors and techniques on a swatch of paper. Writing the word “rise” is a story in itself. I wanted to write in Copperplate or block letters and flourish too, but did not want to take away from the painting itself. Played around with a few styles before settling on one.
Abstract Phoenix (Canvas Board) (SKU S01-02)- $45
  • Bubbles: Although bubbles seem easy to paint when you first look at these. It is but a circle with a bit of paint. In reality, this is one of the harder techniques. The artist does not get the full canvas to paint layers and layers of acrylics to give the depth and dimension suitable for this beautiful 3-d sphere. You are limited to creating that illusion with minimum paint and a blank background. The hardest part still was getting those sparkles at the right spots for each circle. I have posted some pictures of the making process on my Instagram page (this came together over 3 days). It started with a white canvas.
Take Flight – Mixed media abstract with Calligraphy Quote on 8×10 Canvas